Frequently asked Questions 
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What Shipping carrier do you use?

We are a U.K Based company and only use two carriers on most occasions. These are Royal Mail and Parcel Force. However when we have a high demand, we occasionally need to use other carriers.  



What is your shipping time scales?

 We use royal mail and parcel force, being as they are independent external companies we are restricted to their time constraints. For further details on delivery we advise directly contacting these services. 


U.K =  3-5 days shipping

Europe = 5-7 days shipping 

world wide =  5-7 days shipping 

 Do I have to create an account to purchase?

No. Our check out is so simple, you can perform the whole transaction as a guest. We only need minimal information from you to process the order, making the whole method easy, quick and secure. 

It won’t stick to the wall?

Always ensure you clean the grease and debris left on the walls thoroughly, failing to do so means the Vinyl sticks to the  dirt instead of the wall, causing peeling, folds and bubbles. 

Ensure you leave the Vinyl untampered for 24 hours when you have completed the application process, fiddling with it during this drying period can loosen it. 

You can take extra steps to decrease the waiting time, such as increasing ventilation and using a hair dryer on a low heat setting, but it is always recommended to allow the process to happen naturally.  

Can I stick it to a freshly painted wall?

 We never recommend applying it to a freshly painted wall. Allow 3 weeks with good ventilation. Even with freshly painted walls we advise you clean the area prior to sticking (see above) as dust particles may have stuck to the fresh paint.  


It’s folded over itself?

Sadly at this point there isn’t much you can do, the adhesive on the vinyl will now cause it to rip. We urge all our customers to follow the guidelines provided. If you anticipate any issues please contact our customer service team, we are always happy to help. 

Its bigger than i thought and I'm worried it won’t go with the room?

Don’t apply the vinyl if you are unsure.  Mark the area with a box the size of the product and move things around the room to match or frame the vinyl at its current size. If this doesn’t work, you can send back the vinyl and exchange it for a different size, but the refused product must be in its original, undamaged condition. We encourage our customers to use the size guidelines provided on the website to plan ahead, preventing this issue. 

will it stay on a wall in the bathroom?

The issues here may be that moisture in the air from the shower/bath can cause it to peel and wilt, we recommend not using it in the bathroom until we provide a line of waterproof vinyls.